About Us

In Early 2015, Julianna (Julie) Benjamin founded Oh.Sweet.Mason to bring more joy and awesome desserts to Local New Yorkers. Before creating this company, Julie’s love for food led her to culinary school. At school, she honed her skills and focused her energy on specializing in desserts. Her natural talent and creativity planted the seed to create Oh.Sweet.Mason; a bakery that packages its treats in charming and portable mason jars. After Julie planted this seed, her friends and family did not hesitate to take advantage of having her delicious treats at their fingertips. Julie’s baking brought smiles the faces of all who tasted it!

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Our Why

Oh.Sweet.Mason, LLC philosophy is to offer delicious desserts to satisfy everyday taste buds AND put the stamp on special occasions with our custom options.

Our Mission

The late Julianna Benjamin, the founder of Oh.Sweet.Mason, created this brand to bring more joy and tasty desserts to local New Yorkers.

Together we are striving to keep her legacy and make Oh.Sweet.Mason a well known brand.

Our Vision

Oh.Sweet.Mason, LLC aims to be your one stop bake shop. Our vision is to create a unique bakery with treats that our customers can enjoy at anytime!