Our Story

In Early 2015, Julianna (Julie) Benjamin founded Oh.Sweet.Mason to bring more joy and awesome desserts to Local New Yorkers. Before creating this company, Julie’s love for food led her to culinary school. At school, she honed her skills and focused her energy on specializing in desserts. Her natural talent and creativity planted the seed to create Oh.Sweet.Mason; a bakery that packages its treats in charming and portable mason jars. After Julie planted this seed, her friends and family did not hesitate to take advantage of having her delicious treats at their fingertips. Julie’s baking brought smiles the faces of all who tasted it!

Two years after founding Oh.Sweet.Mason, Julie passed away in April of 2017. Takia Brown, Julie’s sister-in-love, promised Julie that, once she received her MBA, she would help take Oh.Sweet.Mason to the next level. That level was to get Julie the storefront she’d always wanted. In memory of Julie and her mission, Takia still intends to make that promise a reality. Currently, Takia and Nikki Rajaram, Julie’s best friend, are the CEO’s of Oh.Sweet.Mason and continue to honor Julie’s legacy.

At its heart, Oh.Sweet.Mason is a business that values family, comfort, and delicious treats. It’s a bakery for Local New Yorkers to buy and enjoy mouthwatering sweets!Anyone who buys from us can always expect excellent customer service, wonderful quality, and tasty desserts.

Takia & Nikki’s ultimate goal is to turn Oh.Sweet.Mason into a full time brick and mortar; with your continued love and support we will get there. Until then, we do operate part-time from home and we ask that you give us at most 7 days to process your order (it rarely takes this long). :)

The Co-CEO : Julie’s Sister-in-love

 “I have so many great memories with Julie but  I think my favorite would have to be the night     we drove out to Long Island at around midnight for Talenti. We were both tired but we REALLY wanted Talenti & that was the only store open. On the way back Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars came on and I think that’s when she realized how much of a clown I am because I started singing my little lungs out (I CANNOT sing y’all) & dancing. Sis couldn’t stop laughing at me & I’m sure she put me on Snapchat. I wish I still had the video.”

 The Co-CEO: Julie’s Best friend

“We went camping in '09 with Sunny, Trisha & Randu. Julie and me were beginners at hiking and the others did NOT choose a beginner friendly trail lol. Between our lack of balance & the big ole rocks that trail almost took us out! The highlight was the waterfall; it was so pretty. By the time we made it back to the cars it was super dark and we were so tired. That day we learned that hiking was NOT for us.” 

  The Driving Force: Julie’s Boyfriend

"Honestly, it’s hard to pick just one favorite memory because we made so many that I cherish. I really enjoyed every vacation that we took, it was always an adventure. From the cruises, to zip lining, to trying new foods, and swimming with the dolphins we had so much fun. Thank you for teaching me how to travel, Julie."